Sep 302014

Complex has an in-depth interview with Palace founder Lev Tanju which covers their recent collaboration with Adidas, Palace’s influences, and high fashion’s current obsession with skateboarding – give it a read for some interesting insight.

Sep 262014

Pontus Alv put together this creative and unique clip for Converse. Aaron Herrington continues to blow minds, speaking of Aaron – you’ve seen his Static IV part right?!

Once again Palace kills it, this might be my favorite commercial that they’ve done so far.

With the recent success at the West LA Courthouse and now the liberation of London’s South Bank, we seem to finally be entering an era where government is starting to recognize skate spots as landmarks that are an integral part of local communities. This is obviously exciting, let’s hope that this free skate zone trend continues in places like San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia.