48 Blocks

Generally speaking, I like to have as much fun as possible. The lines between working and chilling often get blurred, but somehow it works. This was definitely the case when we took a field trip to test out the new Tony Hawk game with Black Dave, Spencer Fujimoto, and Travis Glover. Check it out on Complex TV.

I did a brief interview with Jeremy Klein on running his brands Hook-Ups and JK Industries independently and the new collaboration that he did with Etnies which was released today. It’s up now on the Ride Channel.

I interviewed Scott Johnston for the Ride Channel about his background in footwear design and transitioning from Lakai to Adidas. I’ve always had a ton of respect for Scott’s skating and design aesthetic over the years, so it was cool talking to him about those topics. He’s definitely bringing a lot to the table at the Adidas design department, I’m looking forward to what he comes up with.

I interviewed Ty Evans about his latest film, We Are Blood, for the Ride Channel. We also discussed VX1000 and VHS formats being used in 2015, the state of the full-length in the age of Instagram clips, and his plans for the future now that he’s brought the skate video to the level of feature-legnth films. It’s definitely pretty interesting stuff if you’re a fan of his work or just skate films as a genre in general.