48 Blocks

I talked to Tommy Guerrero, Mickey Reyes, Bryce Kanights, and Chad Minton about Mission Burritos and their connection to skateboarding for First We Feast. Really hyped that Ando shot the photos for this—it’s the first time that we’ve worked together in about 7 or 8 years. It’s still all good!

In my opinion, Gino Iannucci is one of the most stylish skateboarders of all time. So, when I got the opportunity to sit down with him for a Free Lunch interview, I definitely wanted to discuss style. Gino brings up the point that there’s perfection in imperfection—that’s a concept that’s applicable across the arts. Whether it’s painting, skateboarding, music, or just about anything you can thing of—perfect is definitely boring.

A few weeks ago on a frigid October night, I met up with Gino Iannucci at a dark bar in Seaport and asked him what his favorite Wu-Tang song is among other things. I can now scratch that one off the bucket list. Check out Part 1 of his Free Lunch on the Ride Channel. Thanks Josh Stewart for filming and editing.

Tommy Guerrero is one of my heroes. I’ve always been a fan of his skateboarding, his music is amazing, and Krooked’s artwork over the years speaks for itself. The Hundreds has an awesome interview with the man, the myth, the legend. Check it out, and get inspired to create by one of the most creative people to emerge from our culture.