48 Blocks

It’s always a good feeling when a band pays homage to skateboarding’s culture in music video – especially when the band is as amazing as TV On The Radio. Lazzeray was directed by Atiba Jefferson and features an all-star cast of skaters at the ultimate session as the band rocks out in the background. Check out the video and the behind-the-scenes story at The Berrics.

Karl Watson is seriously one of the best people I know and his new interview on the Crail Couch is awesome. Give it a watch and brighten your day.

Dec 162014

Joel Meinholz and Dj Manuvers of Chocolate Sundays fame made this mixtape out of the music from Mouse – which had one of the better soundtracks in skate video history. Give it a listen.

Al Davis recently turned pro for Habitat and just dropped a new Skate Cincinnati part filmed by Joe Castrucci and a new interview on the Ride Channel.