48 Blocks

With adidas Away Days premiering next month, I got the opportunity to interview Miles Silvas. We talked about his upcoming part, LRG’s 1947, traveling, sponsor changes, gold fronts, and much more. Check out the full interview here to learn what Miles has in store when the adidas video drops.

A few weeks ago I caught up with Ray Barbee and discussed music, photography, and skateboarding. We also talked about the resurgence of the no-comply, it was awesome to get Ray’s perspective on that. Check out the full interview here.

Henry Sanchez is one of my favorite skaters of all time, and a good friend from my San Francisco days. I was really hyped to see him posting new clips of himself skating on YouTube after being off of his board for 10 years. I reached out to Sanch to do a quick interview on what it’s like to skate again after so much time away from it, and how it feels to skate just for fun without the pressure of being a professional. Check it out on Ride Channel.

The Skateboard Mag hit me up to be a part of the Eric Koston footwear timeline in Issue 146, which is out now. This was a huge honor because I’m a Koston fan. The dude has consistently put out amazing video parts and designed amazing shoes. I got assigned his second Nike SB model, which is one of my favorites—therefore easy to write about. The Skateboard mag just posted the layout and text on their Instagram account. Give it a read if you haven’t seen the mag.