48 Blocks

Jun 302015

I honor of their new collaboration, HUF and Bronze just released this new edit featuring Josh Wilson, Kevin Tierney, and Richie Rizzo. Shot and cut by Peter Sidlauskas, Hippie Speedball is definitely a treat if you’re a fan of Bronze’s irreverent editing style. Check it out for some proper skating and hilarious b-roll clips.

Jun 242015

In honor of their new collaboration, Supreme and Thrasher just released this new Bill Strobeck edit featuring the Supreme crew skating San Francisco. AVE’s line at 3rd & Army is killer, and my vote goes to Kevin Bradley for president in 2016. You already know this is worth a watch or three, so click the pic and have at it.

Larry Clark and Harmony Korine’s cult classic movie KIDS turned 20 this year. The film shocked and inspired a generation and is still being talked about and appropriated by pop culture today. Leading up to a screening and Q&A session with the stars and filmmakers at BAM on June 25th, Leo Fitzpatrick and Harmony Korine gave an interview with The Guardian for this insightful piece on how the film came together and what the process of making it was like. Check it out for some candid obvervations on one of the most influential films to emerge from skateboarding’s culture.

Bobby Puleo doesn’t give interviews very often, so this new piece from Bobshirt is a rare treat. Puleo waxes poetic on graphics, video parts, spots, and eras in a candid conversation in what looks to be an alleyway somewhere in NYC. One thing’s for sure, Bobby has impeccable taste – this part has always been a personal favorite of mine.