48 Blocks

Route One just dropped Part 1 of a two-part interview with Gino Iannucci in honor of his new signature collection with Mighty Healthy. Gino Discusses the move to FA, The Black Label Days, and what’s significant about his capsule line with Mighty. Definitely looking forward to Part 2 of this.

Mar 262015

Al Davis is one of my favorite skaters to watch – his footage is always raw and original. AYC introduces him as the newest pro on their team with this short but sweet clip of VX1000 footage from SF and Cincinnati. The skating and song are super proper, check it out for yourself.

Mar 192015

A couple of years ago I sat down with Brian Lotti and discussed a variety of topics including film making and his concept of The New Natives which entails skateboarders blending into their surroundings and becoming a part of their environment in a similar way that indigenous people are connected to the landscape. His new film Descending Bilbao is a cool visual expression of this concept. It features Emmanual Guzman, Axel Cruysberghs, Philipp Schuster, and Lem Villemin and is available for viewing now on Redbull.com

Bill Strobeck discusses skate videos, working with Supreme, what it’s like filming with the FA kids, and more in this new interview from Chris Nieratko and Vice. Bill’s work over the past year since Cherry has been refreshing to say the least it’s definitely interesting to hear his perspective on making videos.