48 Blocks

In case you missed in the latest issue, Alex Olson’s Pro Spotlight is now live on the Transworld Site. As always, Mackenzie Eisenhour does an excellent job with the questions and Alex gives a solid and informative interview about his pro career and what’s going on with his companies Bianca Chandon and Call Me 917.

In preparation for their upcoming Deckaid art show, Bobshirt posted this candid interview with Jahmal Williams in which he discusses his board graphics and filming for Underachievers. Jahmal has always been one of my favorite skaters to watch and he’s also a super talented artist and all around creative individuals. ADI had the sickest art direction of any company from its era in my opinion, so it’s really cool to hear Jahmal speak on the pro models that he had from them and what those graphics represented.

Apr 142015

With virtually no hype or fanfare, FA World Entertainment just released this promo for their latest offshoot called Hockey. The video features no music and basic titles – just raw ripping on the streets from John Fitzgerald and Donovon Piscopo. I’m feeling the vibe.

All controversy aside, J. Strickland has always had an eye and aesthetic that appeals to skateboarding. This new edit that he put together in conjunction with the release of his new photo book does not disappoint. Check it out for a glimpse into skateboarding’s grimy side.