48 Blocks

My friend Leo Valls gives a tour of his home town in the latest edition of SKATE from the Ride Channel. Bordeaux looks like such an amazing city with a great scene – definitely want to make it over there one of these days.

Part 2 of the Chocolate Epicly Later’d deals with the Keenan Milton tragedy, Stevie Williams joining and leaving the team, and the progression of the brand through the early years. It’s a heavy story to say the least.

Oct 302014

I have to get a late pass on this recent video from Theories Of Atlantis in which Nick Jensen breaks down the artistic process that goes into creating graphics for Isle.

It’s been a long time coming, but Gavin Nolan was finally introduced as the latest addition to the Zoo York roster. While we’re on the subject of Boston OG’s, have you seen the City People montage from Stone Soup? It’s good to see that crew is still gettin’ it.