48 Blocks

We’ve seen Cheech & Chong 420 releases from other brands in the past, but you gotta tip your hat to the Dirtbag Crew for actually getting Cheech and Chong to appear in a commercial for the release. The HUF X Cheech & Chong 420 Pack is available now.

Apr 172014

While we’re on the subject of Cherry, this parody is amazing!

The Cherry hype continues with this new Bill Stobeck interview on everyone’s favorite fashion blog.

Apr 152014

I was really excited to discover that the original Think video from 1991 found its way onto the internet. This is such a classic in so many ways. This early Jake Rosenberg production features a young Greg Carroll skating to Kold Blue and the first appearances of Karl Watson and Scott Johnston. Check it out if you’ve never seen it.