48 Blocks

Aug 252014

I’ll admit to being a little bit of a foody, and am generally fascinated by anything food related. I thought this video was particularly interesting because Sweet Chick is in the old location of Max Fish in the LES, and they seem to be doing a really cool thing both aesthetically and with the menu. Definitely gonna hit this spot up the next time I’m in New York.

Aug 222014

Glen E. Friedman is in my opinion the most iconic photographer to emerge from skateboarding’s culture. He’s shot some of the most legendary skaters, musicians, and notable people of all time during the span of his long career. Friedman is releasing his book My Rules on September 16th. In preparation for the release he sat down with Ian Mackaye of Fugazi and Minor Threat fame to discuss some of his favorite images from the project.

Aug 222014

German Nieves is one of my top five favorite people – dude is hilarious. He’s got mad style both on and off his skateboard, so it’s cool to see him doing a new clothing project called Paterson League. Check out this hilarious new commercial for their Made For Play bucket hat.

HUF just released this new commercial for their Classic shoe featuring Josh Mathews skating Berlin. Check it out for some timeless skateboarding.