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I’ve made a few posts over the past month or so on Dennis McGrath‘s photography and his new book on Lennie Kirk, but this interview with Chris Nieratko on Vice is definitely worth a read. When I was living in San Francisco, I heard all of the stories discussed in this article and always assumed that they were sort of urban legend and may or may not of happened. It’s sort of a trip to read it all as told from someone who was there when it was all going down – Lennie’s story is really insane.

The Adidas team breaks down the bump to bar obstacle that will be present at all of the 2015 Skate Copa events. Get the low-down on the significance of this obstacle, which members of the Adidas team are best at skating them, and what you should expect when you show at the Skate Copa contest in your area in this new video from Adidas.

Mar 042015

Bill Strobeck just released a new edit for Supreme titled The Red Devil. Clocking in at just over three minutes, this new clip features Aidan Mackey, Sean Pablo, Sage Elesar, Tyshawn Jones, Nakel Smith, Kevin Bradley, Anthony Van Engelen, Alex Olson, and Jason Dill. If you were a fan of Supreme’s Cherry then this will definitely make your day.

Skateboarding intersects with food culture once again in this new video from Munchies in which Chef Matty Matheson cooks a traditional Canadian dinner for the HUF crew and a bunch of their guests from the Agenda Trade show in NYC last fall. Food is something that everyone can relate to and has been a part of skateboarding’s lexicon since the days of the Scarfing Material column in early issues of Thrasher; so the fact that the culinary world is starting to intersect with skateboarding in a similar way that high fashion has been lately is something that we can probably expect to see more of in the future.