48 Blocks

As mentioned last week, HUF and Thrasher just released a new Austyne Gillette part in honor of his new shoe. Austyne kills it with style in this latest section and his shoe looks proper as well. It’s available now in the HUF online store.

Jul 022015

In preparation for his shoe release on Monday, HUF just released this hilarious and awesome commercial featuring Austyn Gillette with cameos from various members of the DBC. The shoe looks clean and classic and Austyn is set to drop a new video part next week in honor of the occasion. In the meantime enjoy this creative short that just about everyone should be able to relate to.

Fourstar and Gnarhunters just teamed up on a limited edition collaboration. To celebrate the occasion, they reunited former Toy Machine teammates and longtime buddies Elissa Steam and Brian Anderson for this cool little video of them cruising around San Francisco. This feel-good clip will definitely brighten you day.

Jun 302015

I honor of their new collaboration, HUF and Bronze just released this new edit featuring Josh Wilson, Kevin Tierney, and Richie Rizzo. Shot and cut by Peter Sidlauskas, Hippie Speedball is definitely a treat if you’re a fan of Bronze’s irreverent editing style. Check it out for some proper skating and hilarious b-roll clips.