48 Blocks

For the latest episode of A Tale Of Four Cities, Converse focuses on Los Angeles. Sean Pablo serves as the host and gives a bit of his history with fellow Converse rider Sage Elsesser and a tour of some spots around The City Of Angels before the short shifts focus to Cons Ambassador Andrew Martin Scott and gives a brief look into the world of zine making. The underlying theme of this video is creativity, which LA has no shortage of – check it out and get inspired.

The spring thaw is in full effect, which means all of our peeps on the East Coast are back in the streets. Boston was hit harder than most, so I’m sure all of the skaters out in The Bean are most definitely stoked that they’re able to get out there and get it. Brian Delaney definitely came through with a solid minute of ripping at all of the Boston spots that we’ve come to know and love over the years in this new clip for DQM.

I gotta tip my hat to Eli Reed for making some serious moves with his brand. Initially he expanded his t-shirt line to socks and this season he’s introduced a full line of cut and sew. What’s even more impressive is that his clothing is available at the ultra exclusive high-end boutique Opening Ceremony which has been known as a trendsetter in the fashion world for over a decade now. This video follows Eli on a day of skating through the Garment District in downtown LA to pick fabric to take back to his production manager. He talks about his vision for the brand, where it came from, where it’s going, and also drops a really dope switch frontside heel. Get ‘em Eli!

Supreme just posted this commercial from 1996 on Facebook that features Justin Pierce (RIP), Peter Bici, Mike Hernandez, and Chris Keefe. The video perfectly captures the carefree vibe of cruising through NYC during that era and should be nostalgia inducing whether you were there or not. I don’t remember seeing this before and couldn’t find it on YouTube, so this is definitely a treat for fans of the iconic brand.