48 Blocks

Tale of Four Cities is a new mini series from Converse that takes a look at the cities in which the CONS Project take place. In the first installment Eli Reed gives a tour of his hometown, checking in with Bro Gumpright at Orchard Shop, Eggs, and Aquarium. The rest of the series will take a look at Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles and should be releasing over the next few weeks.

Vice’s Munchies focuses on Salman Agah and his wife Price in their latest episode of Chef’s Night Out. Salman’s Pizzanista has become known as one of the best slice’s in LA, and it’s definitely my favorite – I used to eat there at least three times a week when I worked in the Arts District. Salman and Price give Vice the background on their restaurant then take them to a couple of choice spots to dine in Los Angeles. This episode is entertaining and it’s awesome to see Salman’s place getting recognized outside of skateboarding.

Speaking of epic journeys, Red Bull recently organized a trip to Kyrgyzstan – an isolated country in Central Asia who’s history spans 2,000 years and only received recognition as a sovereign state in 1991 after the break up of the Soviet Union. In part one Brian Delatorre, Aidan Campbell, Charles Collet, Manu Etchegoyen, Tjark Thielker, and Maxim Kruglov embark on an exploration of untapped spots in a foreign land where many people don’t even know what a skateboard is. The cinematography in this is beautiful, I’m looking forward to checking out the next two parts once they are released.

Do you think you could live on 15 Euros a day while traveling across Europe and not staying in a hotel during the entire trip? Not sure that I could, but the Cliché team has been pulling it off for years. They’re set to release the recap of their 4th Gypsylife tour along with parts from the team in their latest video which will be available on iTunes on April 13th. Summer’s right around the corner, this seems like it would be a good inspiration for an epic journey.