48 Blocks

I did a brief interview with Jeremy Klein on running his brands Hook-Ups and JK Industries independently and the new collaboration that he did with Etnies which was released today. It’s up now on the Ride Channel.

I interviewed Scott Johnston for the Ride Channel about his background in footwear design and transitioning from Lakai to Adidas. I’ve always had a ton of respect for Scott’s skating and design aesthetic over the years, so it was cool talking to him about those topics. He’s definitely bringing a lot to the table at the Adidas design department, I’m looking forward to what he comes up with.

I interviewed Ty Evans about his latest film, We Are Blood, for the Ride Channel. We also discussed VX1000 and VHS formats being used in 2015, the state of the full-length in the age of Instagram clips, and his plans for the future now that he’s brought the skate video to the level of feature-legnth films. It’s definitely pretty interesting stuff if you’re a fan of his work or just skate films as a genre in general.

Aug 102015

Yesterday I linked up with Fuj in the LES for some post Slappy Sunday drinks and I got to meet Magda Love and Anna May Dutton. Check out this video about the recent collaboration that they did with SHUT. These lades are definitely talented and it’s cool to see them representing in a mostly male-dominated culture.