Caesar Rosado

I’ve been watching Caesar Rosado progress over the past five or so years and will officially go on the record saying that he’s serious business on a skateboard. Gaps, stairs, rails, ledges – he’s got it all. Aside from skill, his raw determination to produce is nothing short of impressive. Hit up Youtube and type in his name to see just how prolific he’s been over the years. His hard work has been paying off – he’s currently hooked up with Axion, Venture, Hubba, Flik Griptape, and FTC; and I have a feeling that we’re going to seen him end up with a proper board sponsor in the near future. At 22, Caesar has a lot of skating ahead of him, so be on the look out for all of his future endeavors.

Interview & Photos By Shawn Whisenant

Shawn: Where are you from? How old are you? Give us some history.

Caesar: I’m 22 years old, from San Jose. I’ve only been living in San Francisco for about seven months, but I’ve been coming out here for a long time now and wanted to finally make it home.

Shawn: What got you into skateboarding?

Caesar: Seeing my older brother skate is what got me into it, pretty much. I’d watch him do tricks and thought it was so sick, I wanted to do them, too. He doesn’t skate much anymore, but every so often he’ll mess with it a little, do heel flips and shit. We skated together for about a year, until he eventually got into music and his band. I’m hyped he put skating into my hand for me.

Shawn: Can you tell me about what it was like growing up in the Bay Area and traveling into San Francisco to skate? It’s a lot different than San Jose.

Caesar: Yeah, it was great. Around that time, I was skating for a smaller skateboard company and started coming out to the city quite a bit. I met Pauly and George, and eventually I was coming out here all the time to skate with them. I started meeting all kinds of people.

Shawn: So, you always seem to be busy filming, getting clips, and putting out parts. You’re consistently getting more coverage than a lot of upcoming amateurs. How do you do it?

Caesar: I just got lucky, I guess, by meeting Pauly, the guys at FTC, various local filmmakers, and people who were working on all sorts of different projects. I started coming out here, because this is where it was all happening. It all kind of just fell into place.

Shawn: What spots have you been skating out here lately?

Caesar: Everywhere. The whole city is great to skate. Everything’s a lot rougher out here than in San Jose, but I’m getting better at skating that shit. You guys sure get some fucked up spots out here; it’s crazy!

Shawn: Do you plan on staying out here?

Caesar: I’m going to go wherever my skating takes me. I don’t plan on staying here forever. I’d like to keep things moving, check out new cities, places, and things to skate.

Shawn: Have you traveled much outside the Bay Area to skate?

Caesar: A bit, I’ve skated out in Nevada and have been to Puerto Rico and Hawaii…nowhere too far or crazy yet. I’m hoping to travel to more places in the near future.

Shawn: How’d you get hooked up with sponsors? Was World Industries your first?

Caesar: I was getting stuff from Street Corner before World. My friend Cameron was working there at the time and gave a DVD of my skating to Tony Vitello. I met up with him, and he was down to start hooking me up. Thanks, Tony!

Shawn: What’s an average day for you?

Caesar: I wake up, take care of some phone calls and emails, take a shower, get dressed and head out to meet with some folks. We skate, get some clips, and have a good time. It’s important for me to have fun and not stress things too much.

Shawn: Have you ever skated a vert ramp?

Caesar: *laughs* Yeah, I’ve skated one before. I can drop in and do little rocks to fakie and stuff like that but nothing too crazy. I skated the Vans vert ramp in Milpitas back in the day.

Shawn: I’ve noticed in your footage that you always have your headphones on. What are you bumping in there and what music gets you hyped?

Caesar: The slaps! I’ve got to have my music. 2 Pac all day! Jacka, a little bit of Hustla, Messy Marv, and Gucci Mane slaps. When I’m really trying to get hyped, I put on Gucci Mane. Then you’ll see some shit go down.

Shawn: What parts of town have you been skating in lately?

Caesar: I really like downtown a lot. I cruise around the Sunset, and out by State there is tons of stuff to skate. I skate the avenues with my boy Nick Klein; we bomb some hills and shit like that.

Shawn: Who’s hooking you up right now?

Caesar: FTC, Fliks griptape, and Axion footwear.

Shawn: How’d you hook up with Axion?

Caesar: My boy Manny Santiago hooked me up with them. Thanks, Manny! Puerto Rico! We out here!

Shawn: How was the Axion tour you recently went on? Did anything crazy go down?

Caesar: It was a great time. Got to skate some sick spots, get some footage, watch Manny and Kyle kill shit, and do some demos. I met a lot of cool people. Check out the tour video! Shout outs to Spanish Mike and Red Man!

Shawn: Who would you like to thank?

Caesar: Ando and Kent at FTC, Pauly Harper, Gershon Mosley, George Jabelrab, Charlie Tomas, Jason Wussler, Tony Vitello, Daniel Rosado, Shephen Serrano, Thai Phan Quang,, Rob Carter, Ryan Farlev, Nick Klein, everyone at Flik, and every one at Axion footwear.

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