Nate Fantasia

Nate Fantasia is an up-and-coming ripper from Denver Colorado that skates for BLVD, 10 Deep, The Denver Shop, Nike SB, and Bones. You can catch Nate online in BLVD’s Stay In Front promo, his recent 10 Deep Commercial, and the Hollarado. Nate also just dropped a brand new part in The Denver Shop’s new video titled Stakes Is High and is currently filming for the upcoming BLVD project that should be releasing sometime in the near future. We recently got Nate to answer a couple of questions for us to get some insight into who he is and what he’s got planned for 2012, check it out below.

48 Blocks: Start with the basics, how old are you, where are you from originally, and how did you get started skating?

Nate: Im 26 and im from Denver colorado… my introduction to skateboarding was in 5th / 6th grade , I moved to a new part of town when my parents split and the first friends I met at my new school were into skating. I got my first board  in 7th grade.

48 Blocks: Talk a little about growing up in Colorado. What’s the skate scene like out there? You have to deal with some harsh winters, how did that impact your progression?

Nate: Winter here in Denver is no different than any other city in the midwest or in the East Coast. Lots of snow, cold, and bullshit… The skate scene is dope though, lots of dudes ripping and a lot of new parks! night life probably impacted my progression more then the winters ha!

48 Blocks: Who was your first sponsor and how did you hook up with them?

Nate: My first sponsor was the Denver Shop and Bones. I met the owner of the shop Tony Mellick through some friends I grew up with and Tony got me hooked up with Washburn at Bones.

48 Blocks: You skate for the Denver Shop and had a sick part in Hollarado. How long did you film for that?

Nate: Thanks, a few years maybe – I don’t know. Those were the best days coming up, not a care in the world just out skating and filming with the homies!

48 Blocks: You were on Listen and now skate for BLVD, how did you hook up with Rob and Danny?

Nate: I guess through mutual friends, a buddy Walter Lacey introduced me to Vern Laird back when Listen was starting up. Vern was the team manager of Listen and he really looked out for me. He got me on some trips with the crew and I guess they were just down for me. By the time Listen was over and done we were all a family and when Rob and Danny decided to start up BLVD we just kept it moving!

48 Blocks: You’re also getting stuff from Nike, how did that happen and what’s it like being a part of such an elite team?

Nate: Shit, I guess being in the right place at the right time. Through Tony at the Denver Shop, Adam Brown, Rob Sissi, Hunter, and Andy Henrie. All those dudes looked out for me so it’s all because of them. I’ve only met a couple guys on the team but the Nike squad is dope.

48 Blocks: What’s your personal favorite Nike SB?

Nate: Janoski mids! Best skate shoe period!

48 Blocks: Tell us about 10 Deep, when did you meet German and get on the team and what’s it like working with them?

Nate: When Listen dropped the Viajeros Locos video we had  a couple premiers, one of them was in New York.  I met Germ when i was out in NY on that trip. A couple months later he got the ball rolling with 10 Deep and he hit me up and asked if i wanted to be a part of the squad. I’m hyped to be down with 10 Deep! Like BLVD it’s a close crew and everybody’s homies.

48 Blocks: The 10 Deep skate team seems like a really tight-nit group. What’s it like traveling and skating with Daniel, Jamal, Lima, Tone, and German?

Nate: It is! Some of my best experiences in life have been on the road with 10 Deep! It’s a pretty diverse squad but we all kinda share the same outlook on life. Everybody brings something different to the table so it’s never a dull moment when we’re out in the streets.

48 Blocks: 10 Deep is definitely in it’s own lane as far as fashion and image, what does the company represent to you and what about their clothes / image is appealing to you?

Nate: The best part about 10deep is no matter how big it gets it is still run like a small brand, everyone pitches ideas and everyone’s voice is heard… we all agree it’s about the quality not quantity. The gear is super dope too and it isn’t really directed towards one specific style or genre. It’s the best shit out!!

48 Blocks:  You just took a trip with to Brazil with BLVD, was that your first time going down there? What was that experience like, any good or crazy stories from your time there?

Nate: I dont know where to start! That was my first time leaving the country for skateboarding and I feel so blessed for that, our trip was epic; but other than the skate footy what happened in Brazil stays in Brazil! Thanks to all our friends down there who made that trip possible. The skaters of Brazil have so much heart and passion for life, it was dope to see how they live and to see everybody down there killing it! The spots there are so raw! shout out to Matriz skateshop,  they recently had their 10 year anniversary and are holding it down in brazil.

48 Blocks: Where else has skateboarding taken you so far and where would you like to go that you have not been yet?

Nate: Brazil was my only time outta the states for skating, but hopefully there’s more to come! I love traveling, seeing and understanding different cultures gives you more appreciation for life. It’s hard to pick one place that I wanna go, but Egypt would be amazing!

48 Blocks: What projects are you working on in 2012, are there any new video parts in the work?

Nate: We just finished up the new Denver Shop video called Stakes Is High! It just premiered on December 29th, so be on the lookout for that. We have a BLVD am video in the works and there’s talks of some 10 Deep projects coming soon, but I can’t speak on that  yet.

48 Blocks: You were recently out in LA and filmed that recent 10 Deep commercial. How does LA compare to Colorado for skating and chilling?

Nate: LA is dope because thats where skateboarding lives, you can be outdoors skating year round and there’s so much to skate there! Denvers dope cause it’s a lot more laid back, there’s ill skate parks being built everyday, all the homies are here, and it’s still off the radar.


48 Blocks: What do you do besides skateboarding to occupy your time?

Nate: I love music! So diggin for samples and making beats, photography is dope too! Lots of work lately, gotta pay the bills…

48 Blocks: Who are some skaters both past and present that have influenced you?

Nate: Fuck, so many skater over the years have paved the road for us younger dudes today, it’s hard to pick only a couple that have influenced me. Thanks to ALL the OG skaters! Some of my personal favorites over the years have been Marc Johnson, Busenitz, Heath Kirtchart, Ray Barbee is the best dude ever on and off his board, John Cardiel, Keenan, Stevie, Mike Carroll, Evan Smith, Willy Akers, the whole BLVD family is inspiration daily, Tyler Price, and all the Denver homies when I was growing up!Brandon Sigala RIP!

48 Blocks: BLVD’s Stay In Front promo left a lot of people wanting to see more. Is there a full-legnth video in the works? If so when do you think we’ll be seeing it?

Nate: BLVD has video in the works, everybody on the team will have stuff but the main focus of the video will be the ams! early 2012 is what we’re shooting for.

48 Blocks: What’s an average day for you like? Do you work or go to school or anything, or are you able to skate full time?

Nate: To be able to skate full time and pay the bills like that is the dream! Unfortunately that’s not how it works so I do work full time and I gotta balance work and skating.

48 Blocks: You definitely have the skills to go pro and I’m sure that’s something that you’re working towards. Is that something that you see for yourself in the near future and has there been any talks at BLVD about giving you a board?

Nate: I’m just riding the wave ’til it comes crashing down. Really I’m just hyped to have skateboarding in my life! Through skateboarding I’ve been introduced to everyone and everything that I know and love! That’s all that’s really important to me.

48 Blocks: Any last words or things that you’d like to mention to wrap this up?

Nate: get off the internet and go skate!

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