Derek Fukuhara takes it to Da Playground in this new Honor Roll clip.

Mountain Dew over this behinds the scenes clip of their latest commercial narrated by Keelan Dadd.

Apr 292012

This is the final chapter of the Pier 7 saga. We first leaked this years ago with Marcus’ 48 Blocks interview and it’s got over 20 thousand views on Youtube, but it deserves a second watch because it’s just that good. I always broke Pier 7 down like this – Stevie owned the manual, Welsh owned the ledge, and Marcus owned the pad. This part illustrates exactly why Marcus was untouchable over that gap…

NYC’s Prize Fighter Cutlery just dropped this new commercial in honor of Danny Falla’s new bro model cruiser wheel. You also might notice some new banners from them on the site. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ray Knives over the years through emails and we met up a couple of years back in SF. Definitely check Prize Fighter out, they do cool stuff.