The Hundreds recently did a collaboration with Austrailian cruiser brand Penny Skateboards. As a result they produced a series of videos based around their retail store locations. I posted the SF clip above – Billy Roper, Brian Botelho, and the homie Tons killed it! The THNY and THLA clips are equally good. Hopefully we’ll be seeing one of these from the Hundred’s Santa Monica soon. With The Promenade, Sand Gaps, The Strand, Venice Beach, and the Venice Park right down the street, that should definitely be a good one…

Stereo just released this new clip of Clint Peterson.

Patrik Wallner just sent over his latest project titled Holy Cow that was filmed during a trip last summer to Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka with Walker Ryan, Kenny Reed, Michael Mackrodt and Laurence Keefe.

Feb 132012

FTC just dropped part 2 of their promo video featuring some sick HD footage of the team.