The Skateboard Mag hit me up to be a part of the Eric Koston footwear timeline in Issue 146, which is out now. This was a huge honor because I’m a Koston fan. The dude has consistently put out amazing video parts and designed amazing shoes. I got assigned his second Nike SB model, which is one of my favorites—therefore easy to write about. The Skateboard mag just posted the layout and text on their Instagram account. Give it a read if you haven’t seen the mag.

The Hundreds just posted a cool feature in which Hamilton Harris breaks down five things that are not known about the movie Kids—like the fact that Justin Pierce was actually drinking apple juice and not Old English out of those 40 ounce bottles in the film. Check it out to read some additional little-known facts about the cult-classic movie.

Mar 272016

In 1999, I published an article and photos in Slap magazine about the Chocolate Tour premier. It was my first professional byline. Last week, I interviewed Lance Dawes and Keith Hufnagel about the print magazine’s legacy in honor of the HUF X Slap collaboration. There’s some great stories in here that you’ll appreciate if you’re a child of the ’90s.

The Hundreds caught up with Hamilton Harris to discuss the upcoming Kids documentary, ’90s New York, Zoo York, and more. Check it out for a full update on the status of Hamilton’s upcoming film and bunch of insight into the ’90s NYC skate scene.