On Friday I had quick conversation with Eric Koston about his new Nike SB shoe, sponsor changes, and his next moves. Check out the interview on the Ride Channel.

Last month I hooked up with Black Dave and RB Umali at Max Fish to talk about Dave’s switch from making hip hop to punk music. The video went up a couple of weeks ago on Ride Channel. Also, check out Dave’s new video for “Squad”—the full Black Punk album will be dropping soon.

When you think of classic New York skate videos, RB Umali’s name instantly pops into your head. He’s the guy the defined the look and feel of all of Zoo York’s videos over the past two decades, and has also been the the guy that just about every company calls if they need a filmer in the City. The Hundreds has an awesome interview with RB in which he recounts his experiences in the streets capturing skateboarding over the past two years. Check it out for a serious history lesson.

At the end of last month I met up with Medwin Pang at his restaurant, Hunger Pang, in Brooklyn to hook up a blog feature for my homie Chad’s brand, True Cooks. You are probably familiar with Medwin’s brother, Jeff. Well, Medwin grew up skating in NYC too—was also in Kids, and has a great story about how he got into the cooking industry and went on to open his own restaurant. We had a really good conversation and me and my boy Sammy got to stuff our faces with practically everything on the menu. Check out the interview and Sammy’s flicks on the True Cooks site.