A few weeks ago on a frigid October night, I met up with Gino Iannucci at a dark bar in Seaport and asked him what his favorite Wu-Tang song is among other things. I can now scratch that one off the bucket list. Check out Part 1 of his Free Lunch on the Ride Channel. Thanks Josh Stewart for filming and editing.

Tommy Guerrero is one of my heroes. I’ve always been a fan of his skateboarding, his music is amazing, and Krooked’s artwork over the years speaks for itself. The Hundreds has an awesome interview with the man, the myth, the legend. Check it out, and get inspired to create by one of the most creative people to emerge from our culture.

The Hundreds has a great interview with my friend Chad Minton, who was a sponsored skater on H-Street and had a couple of tricks in Hokus Pokus, then walked away from skating after a serious injury and reinvented himself as a cook. After being super successful in the culinary field, he took what he learned from the skate industry and launched a lifestyle brand for chefs called True Cooks that’s blowing up right now. This is an amazing story about taking the things that you learn from skating and applying them to other disciplines and succeeding. Give it a read, it’s definitely inpsirational.

Over the summer the movie Kids turned 20, and last month the Kids documentary hit its funding goal on Kickstarter. After interviewing Leo Fitzpatrick over the summer, and reading the many articles that popped up online surrounding those two events, it struck me that the reflections on this movie and era have been predominantly male. So, I decided to get the female perspective and reached out to Carisa Barah, who played Joy in the film. We talked about Kids, Gummo, Steve Berra’s film 7-Teen-Sips, New York, Los Angeles, Keenan Milton, Guy Mariano, and more. Check out the interview on Ride Channel.